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Slingbox Hosting at thetelly.net

We provide all the equipment you need, depending on the package you choose and manage it in our hosting facility. All you have to do is choose thetelly package you want, and we host your equipment in our fully air-conditioned hosting facility and provide a commercial internet connection so you can access your FreeView, FreeSat or Sky box from anywhere in the world.

Far greater bandwidth delivers superb quality

Our custom built UK hosting facility uses a commercial fibre connection, and allocates an upload bandwidth of up to 9 Mb to each customer - that's eight to sixteen times faster than a standard home internet connection, which is around 0.5-1Mb.

We ensure the high bandwidths needed for the highest quality because we never overcrowd our commercial feed. That means that when our hosting facility is at capacity, we stop selling accounts (unlike our competitors who will only offer 3Mb or less to allow them to sell to more customers!)

Getting started is easy

When you sign up to thetelly for a minimum period of 1 year, we order and install brand new Satellite or Terrestrial Television equipment, depending on the package you choose. You pay for this equipment at the start of your contract and it remains yours. Once your equipment is installed and running we send you a username and password, so you can access live UK TV from anywhere in the world. We offer full support to help you get going and answer any ongoing questions you may have.

Installation at our hosting facility can take up to seven days. But while you are waiting, and if you want to get started quickly, we can immediately provide you with access to a temporary UK FreeView package, installed and managed from our hosting centre.

Places are strictly limited, so get in touch today.

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